Monthly Assessments


As with any condominium development, Trinity Pointe Condominiums will require monthly assessments to subsidize the maintenance of common areas. The assessments also cover real and projected operating expenses of the property and pay for, among many items, your trash pickup, water sewer service, a divided half of the propane gas for the fireplace and gas grills ($6.50 quarterly for part time residents and $54.50 for full time residents is the cost to the owners). Also included is the insurance and maintenance of the property in a manner that will enhance property values and meet property owner's standards. The insurance policy paid for by the assessments is similar to a home owner's policy and covers 100% replacement cost of the building back to its original structure and design, Including each individual unit back to the developer's base grade not including any homeowners upgrades. The only insurance cost a homeowner is responsible for are personal contents and upgrades to their unit.


Unit Assessments -$1.39 per square foot per year


Unit Type:


D - 1,145 sq. ft. units $132.63 per month

C - 1,385 sq. ft. units $160.43 per month

B - 1,520 sq. ft. units $176.07 per month

E - 1,760 sq. ft. units $203.87 per month

W -2,200 sq. ft. units $254.83 per month


Cable/Internet Assessment - $ 30.00 per month


Dock Assessment


12X32 $ 19.20 per month

12X36 $ 21.60 per month

14X40 $ 28.00 per month

16X44 $ 35.20 per month


PWC Assessment $ 5.00 per month


Garage Assessment $ 10.00 per month